Welcome to my Greenland series. This was a spectacular section of the trip. It started by cruising into a very narrow Prince William Passage. The weather was HORRIBLE, freezing and plenty of rain, Photographically challenging, but it just seemed to engulf you in the hostility of the place.
A highlight was a small village of 140 people, some 8hrs away from the nearest outpost. How they can survive on fish and hunting is a miracle.
Then the two villages we visited were just enchanting. Let the pictures speak.
Photography is a strange hobby. So often you are never at the right place at the right time and the quest of a perfect picture is an elusive goal. All to often it is difficult to judge your own work. But it was a special delight to hear from one of my most respected professional photographer mates, Damien Nikora, that I had done OK. "DAAAAAAM Dude. Those photos are super amazing. So well done."
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