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For 60 years I have had a passion for photography. From school photographer till today. 

My main interest is Landscape, but People also fascinate me.
I have a strong interest in the development of photography as an art and this has lead me and a few mates to start the Contemporary Photography Foundation. I am also a member of Auckland Photographic Society. I have won a number of awards and exhibited in several exhibitions. My work is in several collections including, James Wallace Art Trust, and I have work published in NZ, Australia and USA.
A highlight has been shooting with top Australian and New Zealand landscape photographers . Ken DuncanChristian FletcherMike Langford, Jackie Ranken   Michael Ng. Charles Howells, Damien Nakora



The joy to create and the chance to leave a legacy.



On assignment in Marrakesh, Morocco  (Note camera bag)



2016  ArtsDiary. Auckland  artsdiary.co.nz/81/2131.html  photo(s) courtesy of artsdiary.co.nz

                      a16041741Exhibition a16041735a16041735


2016  Wallace Art Centre, Pah House.  "The Sea Lives Here".

                        wacentre_logowacentre_logo     The sea lives hereThe sea lives here


2016    Contemporary Photography Foundation -  Auckland Festival of Photography

2015    Curated Exhibition   Contemporary Photography Foundation   Auckland Festival of Photography

2015    Photographed Toss Wollaston paintings with Phase 1 for Wallace Art Trust, book.


                         800dpi_DSC3628Shooting Woollaston RW-Woollaston-smlWoollaston Book




2014 Captivating South America  Kinder House


         Landscape Exhibition   Contemporary Photography Foundation   Kinder House

                                      The photos were stunning. The colours and clarity in some of the landscapes were amazing and you have really opened my eyes to the variety of

                                      South American. Another place on my ‘list’.

                                           Exhibition Landscape 2014Exhibition Landscape 2014                                     

         People and Fashion       Contemporary Photography Foundation  Apix Photographic Supplies

2013 Landscape Exhibition   Contemporary Photography Foundation

                                    Me FAshion Exhibit Fashion Exhibit

2013 Fashion Photography Exhibition CPF


2012 Ronald at Wallace Arts Centre - Pah House Exhibition. "Some leading Photographers".   More info.


2011 The Court Theatre Exhibition - Pah Homestead

                               The Court Theatre 2011The Court Theatre 2011


Saatchi Art      Curated online art exhibition.  Info